Mitre Returns

A unique feature of the 32mm Square rod is that it can be mitre returned to the wall, whereby no finials are required.

The 32mm track returns neatly back to the wall allowing the curtain to be returned, minimising the light gap through
the sides of the curtain.   After 2 meters, intermediate brackets are required every meter, projecting either 68mm or 120mm from wall to glide of 32mm Rod, these returns are standard however we are able to custom make brackets to your required specification.

The system is supplied factory cut and fitted with the mitre returns attached, making installation quick and easy for fitters.    The mitre returns are held in place with large internal 90 Degree joiners and are clamp locked with machine screws.  A gusset plate is attached onto the top of the mitre sections making the mitre corners rigid and strong.

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