About Us

Vanda is a manufacturer, wholesaler & distributor of custom-made curtain hardware, and roller & roman Blinds. We are specialist in automated curtain tracks and blinds.

Vanda is a family-owned and operated business. Our design engineering heritage dates back to 1884 when D.McL. Wallace set up his blacksmithing business in the Waikato. 115 yearslater, David Wallace registered Vanda Holdings Limited - a company designing and manufacturing stainless steel, brass & wrought-iron furniture.

Interior Designers were particularly interested in the hand-made original designs, and soon a request was made for a product to be created to fill a gap in the New Zealand market - a quality-custom made curtain rod system. The request was met, and soon it was obvious that a full-time focus to manufacturing the curtain hardware range was necessary to keep up with demand.

And so Vanda became a wholesale supplier of curtain hardware products to the interior design and retail market. Today, Vanda is a wholesale supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of a large range of window furnishing products.

Vanda has always taken a 'New Zealand' approach. When a solution was needed to solve the issue of bending curtain rods more to more accurately suit the design of New Zealand houses, we made our own bender.

Creative design, originality and functionality have always been at the core of what we do at Vanda. We acknowledgement historical classic design and give nods to some of those elements, but generally all Vanda products start with a blank sheet of paper on which original ideas are formed.

New Zealand is a rich country of talented manufacturers and we are proud to support local New Zealand business, engineers, tool makers, foundries, aluminium extruders, powdercoaters & paint finishers, die casters, pattern makers etc.

At Vanda we do our small bit in the world at operating a sustainable business.

  • 100% of aluminium, steel & alloys are recycled
  • We re-use cardboard packaging & paper
  • We are minimising paper within our office procedures
  • We support suppliers who practice good sustainability