Motorised Products

Motorisation has become more common place within the window furnishings industry and will become a more standard option for Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators to offer their clients in the near future.  Home Automation Systems are regularly being installed into new house builds throughout New Zealand, and motorised curtain tracks and blinds are becoming the normal method of operating the window furnishings.

We also install more retrofitted motorised products into existing homes, and this is easily achieved with careful planning.  In most cases an electrician is required to consult with before hand and to route power wires to the motor locations.  Wire free battery operated motors are available for roller blinds & tracks.  These are ideal for windows that are hard to access or route power to.

Vanda is building a wealth of experience supplying, manufacturing and installing these types of products for customers all around New Zealand.  We can offer assistance and advice from conceptual planning of a job, and work with you and your customer through to completion of the job ensuring complete satisfaction with the final product.

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